Saturday, April 13, 2013

Around Here

Spring continued!

Sofie went on a field trip with her class to a fantastic nature preserve. They learned all about the native critters and plants and went on an exploratory hike.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with green all around and our first choir practice. Our neighbor started a community choir group for kiddos and since the girly loves to sing, she was all for joining.

Spring Break! We did some fun local stuff.

This kid is becoming quite the bocce ball player

First time on ice skates!


Easter egg hunt

Visit from Nana

What have you been up to? Hope you are having a great spring!

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  1. Such awesome pictures. This Little Girl fills up every minute of every day. She is up for and will give everything a try----with Gusto. It is such a delight to have a Child like that. Her first time on Ice Skates. In thinking back, I wonder if it could be Brandon's first time on Ice Skates also. Love, Nana Joyce