Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just realized it has been nearly two months since I last posted.  The first day of school is fast approaching and I find myself wondering...where have the days gone?

We've had regular pool play dates with our buddies from Kindergarten 

Spent time at the beach

Sofie made some new friends at the Challenged Athletes Foundation and was invited to participate in some exciting things, such as a mentor program and to compete in her first run.  

She has been training with Baba

Went to her first concert with Mom and Aunt Jenny (yes, she LOVES Duran Duran)

The concert just happened to be at the Orange County Fair...which is where we found this

Had a wonderful day at Disneyland with family

Much of our time this summer was spent cleaning and staging our house for showings and open houses.

Yes, we are moving again.

It may seem crazy, but we did not realize what a hardship it would be to live so far (10 hour car ride or flight) from Shriner's.  We made six trips to Sacramento (as in flights) between January and May.  Technically, we should have made two more -- for a final fitting and to receive some physical therapy when the prosthetic was finally delivered.  They worked with us because of the distance, but it has been a constant stream of phone calls and emails for help and advice.

Sofie is doing really well with her prosthetic, but she is so active and growing so fast she needs regular adjustments.  She gets blisters in the same spots over and over.  She has grown so much the leg is already shorter and the foot smaller.  All things a quick drive to Shriner's would fix, but for now we just live with them. 

There is also the matter of the sad state of our schools in this area.  There were 31 kids in Sofie's class last year, half of them first graders.  The class size was increased to 40 for this school year and she was slated to be a first grader in a class of which half will be kindergarteners.  It did not work well last year and would not be ideal going forward.

So, we sold our house and are headed back up to the good life in northern California within the next 30 days.  Stay tuned!